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Wendy Burch 

Intuitive Change Consultant

Clarity, Confidence, Change

The Property Whisperer

I am very, very excited to share my newest service! "Property Whisperer".

When you, or someone you know, is ready to buy a home, as The Property Whisperer, I apply my intuitive abilities, real estate background and decades of clearing, feng shuing, grounding and blessing homes and houses, to help you choose the best property for you physically and vibrationally! 

We can all logically choose a home based on "the list", but what if it checks all the boxes and yet something doesn't feel right, something that can't be fixed with new paint and your favorite shade of hardwood floors? What if you are so in your head, as most of us are when it comes to such a huge investment, you miss the subtle intuitive clues that whisper, there's something not right here? 

That's where I come in. Just last week I was with a client house hunting because she wanted my vibe on a couple potential homes. She was feeling the pressure of making a decision timewise. One of the homes, she really loved. I could see why, the home was gorgeous. Unfortunately, when I put my attention on it, I could feel a dense energy, almost a sucking vortex. She agreed she had felt it too but dismissed it because she thought she could fix it (she's very talented!). But it was not something that could be fixed or cleared, it was something that belonged to the land. In the moment as I was sharing the disappointing news with her, a crystal she was wearing practically flew off her necklace! We both looked at each other in shock! Talk about a confirmation! We scrambled to find the crystal had landed under her car, unbroken! As she was trying to reattach the crystal, unable to figure out how it had fallen out in the first place, she quipped to her husband, "She just saved you 1.3 million dollars!".

The house I could see for them was completely different and they found it two days later! 

I've been doing this for awhile as a service to my VIP clients. But I knew in that moment, I was meant to add this as an independent service to anyone who wants to make sure they choose their best possible, highest vibe home! I am just beaming with love and light inside, looking forward to being your Property Whisperer! 

Lastly, as you can see, this is an invaluable consultation service. We all know energy exists. You do your due diligence by having foundation and roof inspections, now you can get your energetic inspection!

I look forward to connecting,

Your Property Whisperer

Prices vary depending on your location and situation. Call me for a free consultation.